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Schreyvogelgasse 4-6

1010 Vienna

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eat. drink. enjoy

Welcome to the Restaurant SCHUBERT on the Mölker-Bastei, the culinary city oasis in a heart of Vienna. Lean back and enjoy the culinary delights.


Schöne Aussichten auf der Mölker Bastei

Seit 29. Juni sind wir mit einem neuen Team und neuer Speisekarte in den Sommer gestartet. 

Unsere Öffnungszeiten:

Mo - Fr 11:30 bis 14:00 

und 17:00 bis 23 Uhr 


Our restaurant is located in the beautiful arcades of the historic Melkerhof. The core of the house in Schottengasse was bought in 1438 by the Melk monastery. In 1770 the Melkerhof was reconstructed to five buildings due to Maria Theresa's suggestion. The construction was completed in 1774.

A metal plate with the following lines was attached to the foundation stone of the new palace: "Quinque fuere domus, nunc omnibus amplior una / Pretegat hanc aedem, Melliciumque Deus! Five houses have been, now stands one, bigger than the others, God protect this house and Melk!

In 1510 a chapel was built above the vault of the Melkerhof and inaugurated on 15 May 1514. In 1773 Johann (Baptist) Wenzel Bergl created the fresco "Glory of the Queen of Heaven". The fresco on the ceiling of the chapel was transferred to the vault of our restaurant. The existing chapel was rebuilt and consecrated in 1774 with the high altar of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. The two smaller side altars were built in honour of Saint Koloman and Saint Benedict.

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